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Management and Fundraising Consulting for Nonprofits

Aria Edry

Our mission is to help you focus on your mission to better the lives of others.

With our help, you will build and grow your organization.  Our team of skilled development professionals will guide you into a more successful future.

Edry and Associates will assess your needs and work side-by-side with you to devise and implement strategies and offer services that get results. 

We are able to provide direct help with ALL aspects of fundraising, marketing, and internal support and development.

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The Services We Offer

We take on organizations, big or small whose mission we believe in; learn about what keeps you up at night, and then offer you practical affordable solutions. We join your team, work closely with you and are accountable for your success. Learn More

Plan for the Future

We help you see the big picture and assess future direction.

Build a Grants Portfolio

We identify likely foundations and corporations, craft compelling requests, and grow the grants calendar.

Mount Fabulous & Fun Events

Your events will net more revenue plus develop new donor relationships.

Connect with Loyal, Committed Supporters

We develop comprehensive plans to secure new donors and maintain current ones.

Improve your Communication

Let us help you tell your story via newsletters, social media, website articles, professional video, and other channels.

Attain Your Ideal Board

Get 24/7 coaching on Board dynamics, effectiveness, recruitment, fiduciary and legal issues plus our new program “Boards Moving Forward!”™

Website Upgrade & Tech Support

Update that “first impression” with a website that telegraphs your organization’s impact and professionalism, plus our Affiliate Tech Guru at your side.

What Our Clients Say

  • For over 5 years, Aria has been my trusted advisor as I’ve gone through many cycles of growth for EmpowHer Institute. My gratitude for your contribution, fund development and more, going above and beyond.
  • Aria kept ELSA on track and positioned for growth.
    Her experience and insights have been invaluable. I highly recommend her services. She will add tremendous value.
  • Edry and Associates exceeded our expectations…really got our development moving. Their experience and expertise were so evident. We really enjoyed working with the Edry and Associates team.
  • Since Aria Edry has come on board, we have already seen a 7% increase in funding. She is a great asset to our agency – a sensitive listener and knowledge and facility to tell our story.